Profiting from the NOK reversal

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This week marked a nice little reversal for NOK. If you’ve been watching the candlesticks like we have, you might have noticed that we alerted our readers to the hammer candlestick occurring near the end of march.   According to Steve Nison who wrote a great book about candlesticks, a hammer

Buy AMD and BBRY during the dips

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Today we added to our shares in BBRY because we find the risk/reward fair. For most traders who have followed markets, you’d realize that this kind of chance taking is a bit far fetched. Why not buy when the stock breaks above the previous high and spirals upward. That’s

Recap on AMD

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Today we saw something phenomenal happen with AMD. At around 12:42 EST we notified our subscribers of our first entrance into AMD during the huge volume spike and most could have nabbed the stock at $2.34. Over the next few hours the stock rose to $2.60, a climb of

Keep ZNGA on your Watchlist

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In terms of a value play, there are three things which I believe to promise growth for Zynga. These growth forces are Zynga’s creative work force, its chance at the gambling sector, and its current line of popular games. With this in mind, I feel the stock is at an oversold

Entry into AMD approaching

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Sometimes certain stock indicators and overlays tend to work better than others. In the case of AMD, there has been some interesting things happening with the slow stochastic. Initially, I was skeptical when I purchased my first shares in November/December after the huge sellout. I watched the candlesticks and

Recession Alert 3/31/2013

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In order to protect our proprietary trend techniques, we do not fully distribute all graphs and analysis to the public. We always tell our subscribers exactly how understand the market so our chance of recession relies on these proprietary trends. Chance of a Recession (3/31/2013): Low/Medium S&P 500 Index:

What we See in Nokia

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In the past year, most of our investors have been making roughly 30% return per stock from bottom  plays. Our method for finding stock bottoms is relatively straightforward. We look at a few indicators use some intuition to decide whether the risk is worth taking. Sometimes, we don’t always

How we’re playing BBRY

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Update: For investors ready to purchase Blackberry, we suggest waiting for the current downtrend to play itself out. A fair price target for the stock would between the $13 – $14 levels (if possible) but be ready to watch changes in candlesticks, MACD, and the stochastics to ensure the right